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Exhibition Manager and Coordinator

Elena Da Pieve

As Exhibition Manager and Coordinator for Biennale Services, my role enconpasses a wide range of responsibilities aimed at ensuring the smooth and successful execution of exhibitions and events throughout Italy. Roles include, team management, team coordination, performance management, training and development and behind the scenes coordination. 


Duty Manager Veneto

Valentina Holguin

As Duty Manager of Biennale Services I oversee the operations of art exhibitions in the Veneto region. This includes managing staff, ensuring the smooth operations of the exhibitions, maintaining high standards of visitor experience, and coordination with various stakeholders. My roles include Exhibition Management, Staff Management, Visitor Experience, Operational Coordination, Compliance and Safety.


Duty Manager Milan

Eleonora Di Lenardo

As Duty Manager for Biennale Services I overseeing the daily operations of the exhibition, ensuring a seamless experience for visitors and staff. This includes managing ticketing operations, addressing and resolving issues, supervising staff, and overseeing the bookshop. The role demands strong organisational skills, leadership capabilities, and the ability to troubleshoot in real time. 

Roles include, staff management, Ticket Operations, Problem Solving, Bookshop Oversight and General Administration.

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