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Our certified team is dedicated to ensuring both the safety of exhibitions and the comfort of our visitors. We excel in:

Invigilation: Protecting the integrity of exhibits while providing a welcoming atmosphere. 

Cultural Mediation: Enhancing visitor experiences with knowledgeable and engaging interactions. 

Access Control: Managing entry to ensure a secure and orderly environment.

Staff Management: Selecting and training staff to deliver high-quality service. Each team member is carefully chosen to uphold the standard of excellence that our clients and visitors expect.


With over 22 years of art handing and installation experience, our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of each artwork while delivering the vision of curators and artists. Our multilingual installers prioritise exceptional customer care, providing comprehensive services that include artwork maintenance condition reporting, and customised packaging for shipping.

Art Installation: Expert installation for galleries, museums, and private collections, ensuring each piece is displayed to perfection.

Art management:  Comprehensive management of art collections, including cataloging, transportation and logistics.

Condition Reporting:  Detailed condition reporting to document the state of artworks before and after transportation or display. 

Art Packing: Customised packaging solutions to protect artworks during shipping and handling, tailored to meet the specific needs of each piece.

Art Maintenance: Regular maintenance services to preserve the condition and integrity of artworks, enduring their longevity.

Construction: Building and customising display solutions to enhance the presentation and security of artworks.


We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer care and innovative sales management. Our team is expertly trained to understand and anticipate the unique needs and preferences of each visitor. This enables us to offer curated recommendations and services that transcend the traditional sales experience.  

Whats sets us apart is our distinctive approach, which seamlessy integrates personalised customer experiences with strategic, profitable sales techniques. We believe that every interaction is an opportunity to create a memorable connection while also driving business growth. Our process involves:

Understanding Visitor Expectations: By engaging with our visitors, we identify their specific interests - be it a particular artist, exhibition, or genre of art. 

Offering Tailored Solutions: Leveraging our deep knowledge of art and literature, we provide customised recoomendations that perfectiy align with each visitors taste. Whether they are looking for a unique art book, print or a thoughtful girt, we have something for everyone.

Museum Exhibition

At Biennale Services, we lead your project and team to successfully deliver your exhibition or event. We are committed to each objective through careful step-by-step monitoring, assessment, and communication, ensuring professional management that guides your project from start to finish. 

Whether you require assistance in a specific area of management or broader services, we cater to and adjust according to the needs of each client. 

Staffing and Schedules: Efficient and effective staffing solutions. Customised scheduling to meet project timelines. Ongoing staff management and support. 

Logistics and Exhibition Setup: Comprehensive logistical planning. Coordination of transportation and storage. On-site setup and arrangement.

Installation: Professional installation services. Coordination with artists, curators, and other stakeholders. Adherence to safety and security protocols.

Technical Support: Advanced technical solutions, On-site and remote technical assistance. Troubleshooting and maintenance.

Exhibition Management: End-to-end project management, Regular progress updates and reports. Budget management and optimisation.

Condition Reporting: Detailed condition reports of artworks and exhibits. Regular monitoring and documentation. Preventive conservation measures.

Visitor Experience: Design and implementation of engaging visitor experiences.  Accessibility and inclusivity planning. Visitor feeback collection and anaylsis. 

Touring Exhibitions: Planning and management of touring schedules. Cooridination with multiple venues. Ensuring consistency and qualtiy across locations. 


At our exhibitions, we pride ourselves on delivering seamless customer services through our extensive knowledge of ticketing platforms. Our goal is to ensure that every visitor enjoys a hassle-free experience from the moment they purchase their ticket to visiting the exhibition

Ticket Office: Our ticket office operates with efficiency and accuracy, utilising advanced ticketing systems to manage sales, reservations, and inquiries. This allows visitors to access tickets quickly and effortlessly, reducing wait times and enhancing their overall experience.

Visitor Care: We prioritise visitor satisfaction by offering exceptional hospitality and support at every touchpoint. Our front-of-reception team is trained to assist with any needs, providing a warm welcome and helpful guidance to make the visit enjoyable and memorable.

Data Management: Our commitment to data management ensure that all ticket information is meticulously handled. We leverage cutting-edge technology to maintain secure and accurate records, enabling us to offer personalised services and respond promptly to any queries or issues.

Visitor to a museum

We provide comprehensive event planning and support solutions for art openings and events, including:

Host Services: Professional hosting tailored for art openings and events.

Event Management: Expert planning and execution of art openings. 

Technical Support: On-site technical assistance for all needs.

Audio and video rental: High-quality AV equipment for presentation, symposium for presentations and displays. 

Lighting: Advanced lighting solutions for events.  

Venues: Assistance in selecting the perfect venue for your opening.


Simultaneous Translation: Real-time translation services for international guests.

Stage and Seating: Custom stage and seating arrangements for lectures and discussions. 

Access Control: Secure access management for exclusive events.

Invigilation: Event monitoring and supervision to ensure the safety of the artwork.

Transport: Reliable transportation services for artwork and guests. 

Catering: Exceptional catering options to complement your event.

Our company is dedicated to sustainability, ensuring all events we manage adhere to our rigorous environmental policies.


Our team offers comprehensive technical support to ensure the success of your art exhibition. We specialise in:

Lighting: Tailored lighting solutions to enhance the visual impact of artworks.

Audio: High-quality sound systems for background music, announcements, or multimedia displays.

Video: Advanced video equipment for digita displays, projections, and interacative installations. 

Simultaneous Translation: Expert translation services in multiple languages to cater to a diverse audience.

We provide fully maintained equipment and on-site technical support to ensure everything runs smoothly from setup to teardown. Our commitment to excellence guarantees a seamless and professional exhibition experience. 


Pur invaluable experience in logistics and established realationships with freight agents and transport companies enable us to seemlessy meet obligations around time restraints, international restrictions, and artwork safety. With many years of experience in touring exhibitions and transporting a wide range of materials and art projects internationally, we offer comprehensive logistics solutions.

Services Offered:

- International Documentation

- Air/sea Freight

- Logistics Management

- Inland Transport

Art Gallery

Biennale Services, priorities the security of your exhibition with a comprehensive range of services provided by our trusted security partners. 

Secure Transport: Our secure transport services ensure that your valuable exhibition items are safely transported to the venue and back. We utilise secure vehicles and protocols to minimise risks during transit. 

Installation Security: During the installation phase, our teams work closely with security experts to ensure that all exhibits are securely set up. This includes implementing access control measures and monitoring systems to safeguard against unauthorised access.

Video Surveillance: We employ state- of- the- art video surveillance systems to monitor key areas of your exhibition. This provides real-time oversight and enhances our ability to respond prompty. to any security incidents.

Armed Guards: For added protection, armed guards are stationed strategically throughout the exhibition venue. These highly trained professionals are equipped to handle security threats and maintain a secure environment for exhibitors and attendees alike. 

24Hour Guards: Pur round-the-clock security personnel ensure continuous protection throughout the entire duration of your exhibition. The remain vigilant at all times, ready to respond swiftly to any security concerns or emergencies that may arise. 

By combining these measure, we ensure that your exhibition remains safe and secure from setup to dismantling. Our proactive approach to security guarantees peace of mind for you and all participants involved in your event. 

Art Museum

Biennale Services Educational programs are pivotal components of their exhibition offerings, designed to enrich the visitor experience through various engaging formats. Led by specialised museum educators, these programs include guided tours, cultural mediation, activities and workshops. 

Each element is carefully curated to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the exhibition content and its significance.

Guided Tours: These tours are conducted by knowledgable guides who provide context, historical background, and thematic insights into the exhibits. They help visitors navigate through the exhibition space, highlighting key artworks or displays and connecting them to broader themes.

Cultural Mediators: Serving as bridges between the exhibits and visitors, cultural mediators facilitate meaningful interactions. They offer interpretation, answe questions, and encourage dialogue, fostering a more personalise and enriching experience for each visitor.

Activities and Workshops:  Biennale Services programs extend beyond tradition tours by offering integrated and continuative activities and workshops. These are designed to stimulate critical thinking and creativity among participants. Activities may include hands-on experiences, group discussions, art making sessions, or thematic explorations related to the exhibitions content. 

Interdisciplinary and Innovative Approach: The programs are characterised by an interdisciplinary approach that integrates various perspectives and disciplines. This approach encourages visitors to engage with the exhibits from multiple viewpoints, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the diverse themes presented. 

Alignment with AGENDA 2030: Importantly, Biennale Services educational programs are aligned with Agenda 2030 for sustainable development goals. This commitment ensure that the content and delivery of the programs promote awareness and action towards sustainability, contributing to global efforts for a more sustainable future.

Galleria Giorgio Franchetti

Are you an artist or event organizer seeking the ideal space to showcase your creativity in Venice, Italy? Look no further. Our specialised venue finding service is dedicated to matching you with the perfect exhibition and art event spaces that meet your unique needs.

Tailored to your Vision: We understand that every exhibition is unique. Whether you need a grand hall for a large-scale installation or an intimate fallery for a personal showcase, we offer a diverse range of venues that cater to all sizes and styles. From historic palazzos and charming courtyards to contemporary art hubs, our curated selection ensures a perfect match for your vision.

Prime Locations Across Venice: Venice's rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes provide a magical backdrop for any art event. We provide options in prime locations, from the bustling heart of the city near iconic landmarks to serene, off-the-beaten-path venues that offer a more tranquil setting. Wherever your art belongs, we'll find the right spot.

Comprehensive Support: Beyond venue selection, we offer comprehensive support to ensure your event runs smoothly. Our Services include:

- Event planning and logistics

- Installation and technical assistance 

- Catering and hospitality arrangements

- Promotional and marketing support.

Flexible and Accessible: We offer flexible rental terms and packages to accomodate various budgets and timelines. Whether you're planning a one-day even of months long, we have the right solution for you.

We provide personalised services meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of your exhibitions and events. Through close collaboration with our clients, we deliver bespoke solutions that can encompass a single service package or multiple, depending on your requirements

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